One day I walked down the driveway while my little 5 year old cousin gets out of the car, that she pulled up in.

“Hi!” I say.

“Avani!” Rose says, jumping up and down. “Where are the bubbles?”

“I don’t know! Let’s go look for them. Ever since Rose was 4, she was obsessed with a pink bottle of bubbles.


   After 5 minutes of looking, we found the bottle. She opens it, then looks at me with wide eyes, lip quivering, and I can tell she is on the verge of crying.

“It’s all gone.” she whispers. I see a tear roll down her cheek.

“Come inside, it’s ok.”


When Rose goes to her mom, I rush to my mom.

“Can I ride my bicycle  to Stewarts?!” I say out of breath.

“Sure.” she says.


20 minutes later I come back with a new pink bottle of non-empty bubbles, and a backup.

I also tell mom that while I was there, one guy yelled FIRED at the other guy.


Because I Said So

Do you ever get into an argument with your mom, and you say why, and she says, “Because I said so.”  That doesn’t make any sense! My best friend Gillian once told me, everything you say or do has to have a reason. And she’s right! You can’t just say something without a reason why. Like, if I just said for no reason, “I hate cheese.” It doesn’t make sense! I sometimes say to her, “You have to have a reason.” She usually says, “I’m the adult, and your the kid. Now go to your room!!” Then I usually leave.

seaweed man

     Once upon a time, there was a girl named Riley. She loved to eat seaweed. On the other hand, her best friend Octavia hated them. She gave a piece to her, and she barfed it up, on a lego man. He became, a human. His name, was Dokie. Dokie was 5 feet tall, and had black hair and was evil. His plan was to destroy all of Shwiftyvill. Everyone fled from the building, and ran. He followed them and they screamed. He said, “Who barfed on me?” everyone pointed at Octavia.  He looked her dead in the eye and said…





orange fighter

      Once upon a time there was, the Orange Fighter. She was the most graceful dancer in the history of ballet. She goes by the Orange Fighter because when she dances, she fights. And she fights for family. Her family was going through tough times, and she turned to dancing as her healing power. They call her Orange Fighter because in her most popular play about a girl, (Orange Fighter) who clumsily falls into the bath, and hits her head and she danced in a beautiful flowing orange dress. She still dances to this day, and is still, the Orange Fighter.

the wolf

I watched a movie about a wolf and a boy. It reminded me of a time…

       Once upon a time, I had a dog. He was a wolf though, and I got him from the woods of the black forest. It is creepy, let me tell you that. There was a weird snake dude that attacked me, and tried to bite me. Anyway, I found the wolf in the middle of a circle of fire created by living pieces of mac’n cheese. My dad made me get rid of him, because he thinks he is ‘dangerous’. After, I was heartbroken.


3 dudes

      They are creepy evil ghost goat, horse, and deer dudes. They are trying to take over the

forest, and make it into their fort. The deer is Dave, the goat is Gordon, and the horse is Harry. They are making all the animals their slaves. They have already taken over half of the forest. They are making their way to the great emperor’s castle, to claim their spots on the throne.


       Garold is sneaking up on the king, about to attack him. The king is an emperor penguin, and he is 3 million years old. He spotted, and then, pounced…

the opposit world

   10 years after Mr.Mondo and Mr.Kenny, (crazy mutated evil scientist stuffed animals) made a time travel machine, the were sitting on their tiny couch, tiny because Mr.Mondo (short for Armando) is a lemur, and Mr.Kenny is a koala stuffed animal. They were watching cat videos, eating cheese doodles. Mr.Mondo saw a glowy thing in the corner. It was their time machine they had invented years ago. For some reason, it started filling the room with a strange blue light.


   They had made the machine, to go to a made-up land which they had made up. But it seemed to be going backwards in time. Sucking them in now, both now trapped and sucked into, the machine.

         To be continued…


          Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Mrs.Hefner, who had a class pet. Jerry, a mauve alligator!


         Long long ago, Jerry the leopard gecko was about 5 inches tall, a normal gecko. He was getting paler, about to shed. Overnight, he shed, and ate it. Usually this is natural for leopard geckos. But when Jerry ate his shed, he turned into a huge mauve alligator!! His glass enclosure exploded!!! Glass everywhere, then he climbed onto a desk!  he would be very tricky to take care of. Also, he would be waiting the next morning.


                                                                    To be continued…



the rise of the titans

       I think these hands belong to a monster ,Titan or cyclops a monster with one eye. If not emerging then it must be sinking into the ground  maybe from a being killed by a god or demigod. It is sinking into Tartarus, a place in the underworld where in greek mythology, it is a deep abyss that is used as a  dungeon of torment for the wicked and as a prison for the Titans. Titans were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded the Olympians. Or, came before them. They have fought many battles against each other, Titans vs. Olympians.

           I think these hands are holding onto or clinging onto a rope trying to prevent him or herself from going into Tartarus after maybe being killed. If they are not sinking then they could be escaping from Tartarus.